Friday Faves

Good morning, buttercups! 

It's been an extra crazy week - I reworked and re-edited the script I've been writing to meet a hugely important deadline (more on that later) for days on end. I'm the worst at sitting still. It physically hurts me. I can't tell you how many people checked in with me on the editing progress only to receive texts back that said something along the lines of, "Auggghhhhh, still writing. My butt's numb." #1 Grade A wigglepuss, right here. I have no idea how people who work in offices sit at desks all day. I just... can't. 

Anyway, I got it to an acceptable level of doneness. Enough so that I could allow myself to take a 2-day hiatus during which I walked a lot, and practiced yoga, and threw in a couple of metcons, plus spent a huge amount of time playing in the sunshine. I'm starting to feel the pressure of going back to it to wrap up the editing process once and for all (is that even a thing? Does it ever really end??) creep back up on me. I've got a metaphorical pile of stills waiting to be edited and several more waiting to be shot, and a slew of meetings in the very near future, but my body's begging me to take a break... errr, stay on this break. So! This weekend will be pumped full of R&R vibes, a little more yog, beachy walks, and some playtime in the kitchen. It's pretty unusual for me to take breaks on weekends - I much prefer to work straight through, breaking early on in the week when everybody else has gone back to work/school/whatever it is they do that keeps them outta my way when I need to get the errands done and throw in some free time adventuring. Scheduling just worked out this way this week and I am not gonna fight it. 

On to some of my faves! 


I have been soooo into Schmidt's deodorant since the very second I opened my first jar. This stuff really works. Well. Like, super well. I've gone through more than anyone's fair share of natural deo options, and this one wins, hands down, in my world. Several of my yogi friends refer to it as their own personal "best kept secret". Well! It's not so secret anymore. I especially love their Bergamont & Lime stick. A++ from this girl. 


I picked up a pair of these Vimmia Unwind harem pants during my last trip to Toronto (they'd just gotten new stock at one of my fave yoga studios there and my friend at the front desk talked me into trying them on just as I was heading out the door). They are the cutest, comfiest, most amazing pants ever. I am so in absolutely in love with them that I ordered a second pair as soon as I got back to LA. I'll admit, when I first saw them hanging on the rack, I wasn't sure I could pull them off (and let's be honest, I can pull pretty much anything off), but I even had several people stop me on my walk home from a restorative yoga class, commenting on just how well I was pulling them off. Virtual high fives all around for yoga-ing in style. 

I just discovered Alicia Key's new video for her current single, In Common, last week and I have watched it a billion and one times. I am completely in love with her #nomakeup campaign, the story behind the album photoshoot, and the whole aesthetic & vibe of the video. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out:


Okay, I'm off to soak up some serious vitamin D. Happy weekend!