Last month, my creative team and I launched and ran our Kickstarter campaign for my original series, Wholesome Foods, I Love You... Is That OK? 

We successfully raised $15K, though in the name of complete honesty and transparency, it was an incredibly grueling process. I do think it was a necessary one, though. I don't regret respectfully bounding over and past the warnings well-meaning colleagues and co-creators laid at my feet before we started the process. I heard a lot of, "It's too hard"s and "Don't do it"s, but I'm stubborn and have never been one to pay much attention to what other people are saying or doing. Beat of my own drum's been going strong since before I even knew how to march. 

I want to write more about the campaign process, the toll it took on me personally, and how we got to where we are - eventually. For now, I'm staying elbow-deep in pre-production spreadsheets and call sheets and location bookings. I'm moving swiftly forward with suitcases full of props, a team of brilliant artists supporting me, and a hum in my heart that makes even the longest, most draining days of coordinating this whole thing so incredibly fulfilling and worthwhile.

And a few really special, amazing things came out of that little campaign of ours (I mean, aside from the outpouring of love from our enthusiastic backers and finally meeting our goal, of course)... one of them being this lovely feature that Yoga Digest did on me. I'm both honored and humbled to be seen as a change maker; I typically feel like I'm just fumbling and stumbling through the muck, hoping that what I create will find its way to the people who need it most, and that it will, in even the smallest way, have a positive impact on their lives. My soul knows that I'm capable of much, much more. 

So give it a read. I'll be over here muckin' around and learning to step into the big ol' change makin' shoes that have been waiting by my door for far too long now...