"Krista put me back on the right track, plain and simple. She allowed me to break down and break through - a scary thing, but exactly what I needed. Everything she said spoke to my heart, and made me feel safe & seen. Krista created a comfortable space for me to begin to examine the emotional blocks that were stopping me from moving forward in my health journey. By starting that process with her, I have continued working on my whole self in ways that I never imagined I could or would. I was carrying this incredible, deep-rooted pain around with me that was affecting my health, but I just couldn't let it go. I realize the reason now. I needed to talk to someone who GOT ME and GOT IT. That was Krista. She really listened to me and held my hand though a healthy and necessary release! 

Krista, I don’t know how to express how grateful I am to you! Words escape me. Thank you for being so open about your own struggles. I have nothing but deep respect and admiration for you. You truly understand that it takes courage to be vulnerable and open up about our stories. In doing so, you touch others and help them heal. With love." - Vanthi Singh, Yoga practitioner & marathon runner


"Krista has an in-depth understanding of nutrition and how it links to overall health and wellbeing. Her vast knowledge of herbs and supplements is very impressive. Whenever I had health questions she was very open and thorough in her responses." - Julia Ross, Senior Programme Manager; Marie Stopes Zambia